A private encrypted network to share data and navigate anonymously on Internet

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MyCrypNet connects all your devices, even remote ones, with an encrypted sharing.

It provides confidential communications between them : collaborative work, file transfer, videoconferencing...

Each device in your MyCrypNet network remains independant.

All your devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones…) can easily be added or removed from your MyCrypNet network.

MyCrypNet also can be used for technical links (between databases, between servers…).



MyCrypNet encrypts all your data going on the Internet and protects them against tampering and spying.

This service does not store your data. So it cannot be stolen to us. Its encryption is considered unbreakable.

Your IP address is hidden. Your Internet activity belongs to you.

MyCrypNet allows you to preserve your professional secrets, your knowledges, your projects, your works. This service also protects your privacy.

Ideal for law or health professions, NGO,...



The encryption is considered unbreakable.

Our technologies are opensource. They can be checked by the user.

The access of every device to the MyCrypNet network is unique. It can be modified without disrupting the other accesses.

The connexion to the MyCrypNet network is done via certificate. For devices that can be lost or stolen, you can add a password to the certificate.

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Universal access


MyCrypNet does not impose any geographical limit.

MyCrypNet connects mobile devices and fixed installations. It provides data transfer in real time.

All connexion modes to the Internet are compatible with MyCrypNet that does not limit their bandwidth.

Our technology is an opensource standard.

Easy access


MyCrypNet allows you to subscribe as many accesses as devices you want to connect.

The configuration in each device is easy. Tutorials are available.

After installing your certificate, the connexion of the device to your network automatically establishes.

You manage your MyCrypNet network online by yourself.

Reliable access


Every swap is encrypted.

Data (sound, video, images,…) are transmitted and protected without alteration.

MyCrypNet frees you from restrictions laid down by your Internet connexion (websites made unavailable, restrictions per location, restrictions on data types...)

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